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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Pandora One

All you young people out there must have surely ruined your ears by listening to MP3s throughout your life. Not many people I meet on a daily basis really know the meaning of music fidelity. It’s appalling to see how we’ve lost our inner audiophile due to the digital age. The free Pandora streams music for you at 128 Kbs. On the other hand, Pandora One ups that to a whopping 192 Kbs. When you hear this noise through headphones or a simple stereo, you’re sure to notice a significant difference in music fidelity.

# No Interfering Commercials

Yes, you heard that right! With Pandora One, you need not have to make do with those irritating ads that crop up in between a couple of songs. Pandora One allows you to listen to music non-stop without pesky interruptions. However, I can’t help admitting that some ads, especially like Mozy where the guy keeps his laptop inside the microwave were really funny the first two times. With that said, I’m sure no other ads will be missed.

#3 You achieve six skips per hour rather than 12 skips per day

What’s this about? Well, whenever you listen to a song that you hate, you have the choice of progressing to a new song by skipping past it. While the free service allows you to skip as much as 12 songs in a day, the paid version gives you the option of skipping up to six songs in an hour. This feature can be extremely valuable, especially when you’re desperate to hear a song that best suits your moods or you’re simply tired of listening to the same type of songs again and again.

#4 Five Hours of Uninterrupted Music

With free Pandora, you were always asked to make a confirmation that you were listening to music. Now that was a very clever tactic by Pandora, considering that it’s not completely free to stream music for you, even while you aren’t paying for it. However, with the paid version of Pandora, you won’t be asked to confirm every now and then. You can enjoy uninterrupted music for five hours at a stretch. With that said, I wouldn’t really recommend you to just leave your room after lighting up your Pandora. So be considerate and turn off the tunes if you don’t feel like listening any more. Conservation is after all, good for the net as well.
#5 Effective Desktop App

This feature is even more advantageous to me than I had earlier assumed it to be. Now I needn’t go all the way to the Pandora website to wait for the loading of Flash. To start off, I can simply open the Adobe Air application that Pandora installed on my Mac. Whenever a new song is loaded, a Growl-type window pops up in the upper right corner of my screen, updating me on the songs that playing now. When you click on that window, you can bring up the app to either listen to the song or skip it. Now that, I would say is a really nice touch!

I’ve been an ardent fan of Internet Radio ever since its inception. Pandora has stood as my backdrop for many days and I’m glad that I’ m not Minne the Moocher anymore. Besides, I could really do with a brand new baseball cap.

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